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Created in 2009, Tech Callidus was established by Rajneesh Suvarna, Founder and Technology Director, as a result of his belief that it was the interaction between people and technology that effected the successful implementation of new technologies.
The understanding that one size does not fit all but it is not always necessary to re-invent the wheel to provide a cost effective solution to the customer that fulfils all his needs.
The company, which began as a technology/workflow consultancy, quickly identified the need to develop interlinking pieces to ensure that its customers had the flexibility to mix and match the best array of tools for their requirements.
Tech Callidus began to realise that its focus on integration software while useful was not enough and a number of its customers really required the services of an independent consultancy to help them to gain the maximum return from their investment. 

Tech Callidus delivers a varied portfolio of consultancy services to the broadcast, new media and allied products in the computer software industry. 

Tech Callidus consultants have extensive knowledge of broadcast, digital post, IT and software processes, having enjoyed successful careers over many years with major organisations. 

Tech Callidus works with clients to identify solutions for improved operational efficiencies, and helps the transition to new technology-enabled business initiatives in order that these are carried out smoothly and cost-effectively.

Clients have come to rely on our integrity, impartiality, experience, expertise and commitment to delivering first class solutions to challenges of all sizes.