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Welcome to the world of Possibilities!

Tech Callidus is a provider of Technology services for companies that strive on technological innovations at a rapid pace and need a capable partner to help them execute their product development plans at the pace required to have that winning edge in the competitive market place.

Our services focus on communications and seamless information exchange across medias. We believe an application should communicate to the real world, real business and real people. Our services strive to do just that. We are an end-to-end technology consultant for product based companies offering rapid design, development and post launch services to Broadcast, media and software product based companies using our pool of talented people, innovative practices and process and the latest in emerging technology.

Creativity Grounded in Reality

Our motto is Creativity Grounded in Reality and we accomplish this through:

Identifying signals of important market shifts with strategic implications

Determining the types of innovation on which your firm should focus

Identifying and selecting new product development projects that align with your strategy and maximize your resources

Developing a comprehensive new product development process with the supporting infrastructure

Improving time-to-market through process efficiencies

In the meeting of ideas, talent and experience, Tech Callidus doesn't leave you with a fat binder of unproven ideas, we actively work with you to ensure that your business, products and services grow successfully in the marketplace.