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Rajneesh Suvarna

Rajneesh Suvarna is a seasoned software development professional with more than 20 years in the industry over a gamut of verticals. Most products he has worked on have had large graphics components but deployed across computers, web and mobile devices. He currently runs his own software consultancy out of Bangalore.

Rajneesh in his 24 years in the software industry has
   Worked in companies of all sizes from startups to MNCs
   Headed product development in multiple companies
   Built products from scratch, ideation to market
   Built and headed multi-disciplinary teams
   Set up India development centres

Rajneesh’s area of expertise revolves around solving problems that are complex and expensive, communicating the resultant idea, designing them in interesting ways and getting people together to build on them to push out a finished product.

It is no coincidence that two of the products that Rajneesh has been involved with went on to win the NASSCOM's most innovative product award. 

Rajneesh passionately pursues his interests in travel, wildlife and photography, the aesthetic fusion of which have found place in publications around the world.